We are counting down to the New Year. 2022 is fast approaching. One thing I know for sure is that the things I’ve succeeded in; are the things I have been consistent at this year. My weighing scale hasn’t moved because I have not been consistent with my workout that’s for sure!

But what I have been consistent at, is writing and growing as a writer and I hope to take some of my writing habits and apply them to the rest of my life.

If you’ve struggled with being consistent in your writing this year. Read on for some tips on how to stay ahead in 2022.

  1. Set Clear Goals:  We are at the end of the year. This time should be spent on lining up your writing goals for the next year. Look at your schedule and see how much time you have available for writing. Be REALISTIC.  This is not the time to do your wishful thinking list, it’s the time to do a realistic schedule of what is really possible, factoring in all the other commitments you have in your life. I would challenge you to give yourself a lesser goal i.e give the project more time than you think it will take, if you finish earlier, well and good, and if you use all the time, you are still on schedule, this will reduce frustration and help you stick to your goals. Example; are you only able to write 3 pages of a script a day or 500 words of your novel a day? Go with that and set your goal based on the little time you have available and stick to it no matter what!
  2. Commit to your goals: How badly do you want to succeed as a writer? If you’ve been referring to yourself as an aspiring writer in 2021 then you need to move from aspiring to professional writer in 2022. The difference between aspiring and professional writers is that aspiring writers keep dreaming of what ‘could be’. Professional writers on the other hand get their hands dirty by getting the job done.  To stay consistent in your writing means working on your daily habits. How does a professional treat their career? By making time for that which they consider their profession, by investing in their skill and making time to learn more on how they can be better at it. Take an inward look at just how much you’ve invested in yourself as a writer this year and take the necessary steps next year. PS I have a book on writing- check out more on my website Plus free blog articles, a Weekly newsletter with information and inspiration if you sign up to my newsletter list, plus vlogs on my Youtube Channel, Damaris Irungu O
  3. Measure your achievements: We’ve talked about setting clear goals and committing to the goals. One way to trick your mind into staying consistent is by measuring your achievements. If you’ve said you are getting a script done by March Next year. Do you have a treat for yourself for getting to that milestone?  Did you align the goal based on a competition you’d want to enter your script in? Do you have a ‘next step’ strategy after getting to your achievement? It could be as simple as booking a friend (with a knack for story) to read your work after you’re done with a second draft revision.  Make sure you keep measuring your achievements and move to the next goal, so that at the end of the year you have several things to show for the 12 months in the year.
  4. Change your mindset: One of the most important strategies of staying consistent in your goal is to make sure your mindset is on the positive. No one can do this for you. No one can make your dreams come true more than you can. You will have to lift yourself up when you’re feeling low, when you feel like giving up, only you can do this for yourself, so refill your creative well with positive affirmations so that when the going gets tough, you will still keep moving and will have a great body of work to show at the end of 2022, God Willing!

Godspeed in everything you do!

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Hope these tips have helped jumpstart your move to becoming the best version of a writer that you can be.

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Happy Creating!

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